Shun-sharp Cutting Edge Kitchen Stuff

Using the world class Shun knife is indeed a life changing experience and not just a marketing phrase, as I found out.

Why Everyone Needs To Use Shun Kitchen Knives ?

It is not often that the man in the kitchen is more interested in the knife in front of him than the sirloin steak on his cutting board, but it’s hard not to be when given the right an exceptional knife set to use as your weapon against the food in the cooking area.

The Shun knives can definitely be put down on one’s list of being the perfect wedding present for 2017, as well as the most suitable gift for anyone who works in a kitchen.

They say the Shun Premier utility knife used by many chefs, is folded over 32 times, and made from Damascus steel, before being finished with a class symmetrical walnut handle. The handle…. Oh the handle…. You know class when you can feel it!

The 9-piece set is indeed a sight to behold, for any knife loving connoisseur. Forged with precision in Japan by internationally-acclaimed blade manufacturer KAI, the set comes with a 2 1/2 inch bird’s beak knife, a 3 1/2  inch paring knife, a 6 inch chef’s knife, a 9 inch slicing knife, a 9 inch bread knife, plus a honing steel, kitchen shears and a superb bamboo storage block. All in all, this is knife heaven for any chef who is interested in the world of blades!

Shun Knives Changed My Life !!

My motto during usage of the knives was that if the Shun can’t cut it, nothing else will.

To ensure a rust free ending, the Damascus look is used, with each blade covered with 33 layers of stainless steel. To be 100 percent safe, hand-washing of the knives after use is recommended.

While the 8 inch Shun Premier Chefs Knife ranges from around US$400 to the 9-piece set at around US$900, the purchased product is well worth the outlay of cash. With a Shun product you can’t go wrong and I have heard that few people seem to have complaints about the knives, hence the limited lifetime guarantee is often stored in the kitchen drawer for eternity.

Super Sharp Shun Knives !

A point of warning! Keep your fingers out of the way. The Shun knives does its job to the best of its ability, be it steak, fish or vegetables.

Awesome products by an awesome company!

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